What Web3 tools are available today

The global digital world has already entered a new stage of development – Web3 – which brings many fundamental changes to the Internet space. The new digital landscape will be built upon blockchain technology, ensuring transparent user interaction and high security of personal data. Web3 opens up huge opportunities for introducing innovative solutions that can forever change the principles of human interaction on the Internet, financial relationships and other areas of life.

DeFi — MakerDAO

Traditional banking services can only operate within a strictly defined framework, limiting availability. An alternative solution is decentralised finance, designed for a wider population. The global organisation MakerDAO positions DeFi technology as a convenient financial tool for people who, due to their social status or other factors, do not have access to traditional banking services. MakerDAO offers the opportunity to get a loan without providing a credit history and with a simplified system. Today, thanks to DeFi technology, the organisation provides services to over 1 million customers and manages approximately USD 5 billion in assets.

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IBM Food Trust

IBM Corporation has launched Food Trust, a blockchain platform focused on the sustainable development of the agricultural sector. The goal of the project is to solve problems in food production and supply. It focuses on the ethical and sustainable use of natural resources to preserve the environment. The blockchain platform enables:
– track supply chains at every stage of food production and delivery;
– obtain reliable information on where products were grown, by whom and under what conditions;
– find farms that specialise in different products;
– control the cultivation of products.
IBM Food Trust provides transparency between producers, suppliers and consumers. It also helps monitor compliance with ethical and environmental standards.

A new approach to charity

Philcoin is harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies for philanthropic purposes. It has created a blockchain-based platform that can track the path of every donation. In this way, donors can see where their money is going and whether it is helping to solve significant problems for society. Another advantage of the platform is the speed of transactions and low overheads. Philcoin also has a rewards system. This motivates people to do charitable work.
The third generation of the Internet and its tools strive for transparency of interaction in various fields. This also applies to creating communities where each participant feels like an important element of society. Moreover, blockchain technology is an ideal basis for creating new solutions to move the world forward. And now, such solutions are available to large companies and each user.