how to increase newsletter open rates

What factors influence newsletter open rates

One of the most competitive sectors of the market is e-commerce, which forces companies to use different methods to operate successfully. The main factors of work in this segment are effective communication with consumers and a high level of customer service. Email marketing is considered to be a common e-commerce tool. However, it will only bring the desired result if marketers focus on the newsletter open rates.

Recommendations to increase email open rates

When working to improve the effectiveness of email newsletters, there are a number of important aspects to consider:
1. Frequency of mailings. In this case, experts recommend being consistent in the frequency and number of emails you send. Experience will tell you how many you should send. You should not send letters too often. Otherwise, it becomes intrusive.
2. Contact lists. It is more effective to build a base through questionnaires, landing pages or social networks.
3. Formatting. Letters should have a consistent design with a good balance of text and images. Make sure the unsubscribe button is easy to find. This shows respect for the consumer.
4. Personalisation. When a person reads the letter, they should have the feeling that it is specifically for them. To do this, it is advisable to use the name in the address. Another way to personalise is to use a style of mailing that suits a particular consumer. In this case, segmentation of the target audience will help.

newsletter open rates5. The preheader. This should not contain any clickbait, otherwise, it could get marked spam. Preheaders should be such that the user can instantly understand the subject of the message.
6. A/B testing. This approach is the basis for developing a marketing strategy and allows you to define the mailing goal and control the process of achieving it.
In the process of finding the right way to communicate with customers, you should not be afraid to experiment. It is necessary to try different variations to understand which one is best suited to a particular target audience. You can start with letter templates and adapt them to the company’s and its customers’ specifics.

Things to consider when writing a letter

The first thing to consider when writing an email or letter to a customer is the benefit to the consumer. It is necessary to start the communication with a question that interests the person, avoiding long introductions and general phrases. It is also essential to keep the tone as friendly and respectful as possible, avoiding manipulation and familiarity.
The subject line should state the purpose of the email. This will increase the likelihood of it being opened. A call to action works well. But it should assume that the message has covered all the important issues for the consumer.