Christina Hall biography

How Christina Hall built a career in real estate and television

Christina Hall works in the property sector. Together with her ex-husband, she founded The El Moussa Group. She has also starred in a TV series and dabbled in presenting.
Christina Hall was born in 1983 in Anaheim, California. After graduating from university, she got a job as an estate agent. Meeting Tarek El Moussa was a key turning point in her professional and personal life. They were colleagues at Prudential Real Estate, and soon they were having an affair.

First steps in business

After their marriage, Christina and Tarek set up their own agency, The El Moussa. The couple sold property in southern California. At first, business was good, and the company was growing, but everything changed in 2008 when the global crisis hit. The market was severely affected, and so was the El Moussa’s income. At the peak of their business success, Christina and Tarek rented a house for USD 6,000 a month, but within a few years, they had to switch to an apartment for USD 700.
Gradually, the economy recovered, and the property market picked up. Despite the setback, the couple continued to build their business. In 2010, Christina and her husband teamed up with a business partner, and together, they bought their first property for USD 115,000. After a while, they sold the property and made a profit of USD 34,000. Working in the investment property sector provided a good income, and El Moussa began to expand the business by investing in properties in Arizona and Nevada.

Television activities

In 2011, the television channel HGTV became interested in the couple’s Instagram page, where they posted their property renovation projects. At the same time, Tarek wanted to audition for a new show, and in 2012, the network signed the couple. Flip or Flop with Christina and Tarek became a huge success and ran for ten seasons.

Christina Hall

Life after divorce

The couple divorced in 2017 when Christina met TV presenter Anthony Richard Anstead. Since then, her life has been full of emotions and events, both positive and negative:
– 2018 – the couple got married, and a year later, they had a son. At the same time, Christina began filming her own show, Christina on the Coast;
– 2020 – the couple divorced. At the same time, Christina released a book and launched a furniture line in partnership with Spectra Furniture.
– 2021 – Christina began dating estate agent Joshua Hall; the couple married a year later.
Christina Hall now runs a business and develops her own projects. The El Moussa Group has been re-organised and renamed, and Christina’s former husband has taken over the management.