web3 startup CUB3

Web3 startup CUB3 continues to develop gamification platform for business

Web3 startup CUB3 held a Series A funding round that resulted in $6.5 million. The main investors were BITKRAFT from the United States and UK-based Fabric Ventures, with Roosh also participating.
The American company is developing an innovative platform that helps create loyalty programs for customers and provides digital rewards. This is not the first investment for CUB3, which previously raised $8.5 million.
Web3 is a US-based startup founded in 2021 by Muddy Bhatt and Jason Ostro. Thanks to its product, companies can offer digital incentives to their customers. These are given to customers for certain real-world actions, such as commenting on social networks or reviewing a website. Digital rewards can be redeemed for various tangible prizes from the company. The CUB3 platform helps build customer trust and ensures that their interactions with the brand are enhanced. According to the startup, the use of the platform can increase the engagement of the target audience by up to 50%, and this figure can be achieved from a minimal level in a relatively short period of time.

web3 startupThe development of Web3 contributes to the emergence of new solutions aimed at automating processes and using artificial intelligence. As the industry becomes more promising, investors are beginning to take a closer look at startup projects in hopes of unlocking their potential. One such company is India’s Kratos, which raised $20 million in its latest round of funding. This brought the valuation of the gaming startup to $150 million, with Accel being the largest investor. In general, experts note the prospects of the project in the field of gaming, it is of interest to many large funds in India and on the international market.
In early 2022, Kratos received $6 million in investments from Sequoia Fund India, Jump Capital, Lightspeed, and others. The startup is developing a new cryptocurrency coin and is also developing DAO, a decentralized structure managed by smart contracts. The company has already managed to acquire a number of projects, including IndiGG. The parties purchased by exchanging tokens.
Kratos develops on-chain profiles for gamers who use game studios as the basis for their quests. Developers use Kratos’ services by posting quests on the startup’s platform, and players in turn pay money to check in when they complete those challenges. In addition, the Indian company helps players convert on-chain assets into traditional money.
Kratos plans to use the investment to create the world’s largest DAO for the gaming world. For this purpose, the startup plans to involve the blockchain platform Polygon.