Hexacta to join GlobalLogic as a subsidiary

GlobalLogic has announced the acquisition of Hexacta, a software development company. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed yet, but negotiations and preparations for the purchase are already active.
GlobalLogic is part of Hitachi Corporation and provides engineering services, digital solutions, and software development. The company’s deal with the Argentine developer is part of its strategy to expand products and attract promising IT specialists.
Hexacta operates in Latin America with offices in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and Brazil. In addition, one office is also located in the United States. In total, Hexacta employs 800 people in 10 offices, solving various customer problems.
According to GlobalLogic, the acquisition of Hexacta was dictated by several factors. First of all, the company was interested in the high level of service provided by the developer. In addition, the company’s location will allow GlobalLogic to improve service and the number of customers from South and North America. It is noted that after the deal the management and structure of Hexacta will remain unchanged. The company will become part of GlobalLogic as a subsidiary.

software developer HexactaHexacta was founded in 1999. The first office of the company, located in Argentina, initially had only four employees. Two years later an office was opened in Sao Paulo. The business has managed to survive several crises, and the list of services provided over time has expanded. Hexacta focuses primarily on customers from Latin America, but according to representatives of the company, its service “has no boundariesä.
The business offers digital solutions and technical support for members of the banking and financial sectors, telecommunications, retail, and other industries. Among Hexacta’s clients are major multinationals such as Zurich Financial Services, Sodexo, BankBoston, and Shell. It is also a partner of Microsoft.
What makes Hexacta special is that the company takes a flexible approach not only to customer service but also to product creation. The developer offers a diverse list of services, from website creation to complex architectural solutions for corporate use. Hexacta works with microservices and deals with data array processing, mobile applications, and fintech solutions based on artificial intelligence. The business pays special attention to improving the competencies of its own employees, as well as conducting educational projects within the company.
To stay competitive, Hexacta uses innovative solutions, regularly monitors new approaches, and implements them to improve the productivity of its products.
Hexacta sees the move to GlobalLogic as an opportunity for them to broaden their service offering and gain new expertise from a leading developer. With the support of such a strong partner, Hexacta will be able to accelerate the pace of development and implement new and exciting projects.