Ryoichi Jinnai philosophy

Biography of Ryoichi Jinnai, a Japanese billionaire and founder of a major investment company

Ryoichi Jinnai, the founder of a major investment company in Japan, is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his country. Forbes magazine listed Ryoichi as one of the most influential people on the planet. During his lifetime, the capital of the longtime entrepreneur was $1.7 billion.
The investment company Promise was founded by Ryoichi in the early 2000s. It ranks third among the top consumer investment companies in the region. Promise’s special feature was and is the principle of its work. The company in its activities strictly adheres to certain rules, established principles, and a special deep philosophy, which is based on “three whales”: “existential philosophy”, “management philosophy”, as well as “philosophy of action”.
The first subspecies, the “existential philosophy,” is based on trust and implies the principle of “working in a way that is trusted.” The second subspecies implies management effectiveness and means “working in a way that generates appropriate profits through effective management and the achievement of sustainable growth.” And the third means “operating a business in a way that is valued by customers and leads them to want to cooperate.”

Ryoichi JinnaiGiven all these factors, it is easy to see that Ryoichi Jinnai approached the creation of his brainchild from the perspective of Eastern philosophy and with all his soul. At the same time, the billionaire was pragmatic, thinking through every detail, creating his own tactics, and strategy, and establishing a clear working mechanism.
It is also important for the company to care for and communicate with its customers. According to Jinnai’s precepts, Promise always relies on providing only quality services. In addition, it is important for the company that communication with clients is based on mutual trust, honest and fair work, as well as on a professional assessment of their wishes. After all, customers are one of the main elements that contribute to the activity and existence of the company.
Thanks to this approach, Ryoichi Jinnai’s brainchild thrives even after his death. The company, together with the internal philosophy created by its creator, lives on and acquires more and more customers. Thus, the entrepreneur left behind not only one of the most successful businesses in Japan, but also managed to develop a special management philosophy. Although it would seem, this kind of management is not suitable for modern corporations and is absolutely out of sync with the business approach.
In 2017, at the age of 91, Ryoichi Jinnai died of heart failure. Prior to that, the entrepreneur had retired and his son was running the company. In retirement, Ryoichi grew mangoes and bananas on Hokkaido.