Intland Software

PTC wants to integrate its products into solutions from Intland Software

PTC announced the acquisition of Intland Software, the transaction amount is 280 million dollars. First of all, the American software developer is interested in the ALM portfolio of the German developer, which will enable it to combine software with different products without any problems. The deal should take place before the end of this year.
According to the PTC representatives, the purchase of Intland Software will enable the company to strengthen its position in the product lifecycle management segment. In addition, the experience and knowledge of the German company will help improve the design of various systems that are important for the implementation of PTC’s main strategy – the Digital Thread approach.
Products from Intland are actively used in various spheres, including automotive and aerospace industries, and medical and biological industries. The German developer offers Codebeamer templates, which simplify the integration of complex software systems and make their use more convenient. Besides, Intland creates an environment for its clients where they can easily manage risks, conduct tests, and engage in complex software development, having all the necessary tools at their disposal.
PTC plans to use the Codebeamer solution in two variants. The first one is a separate system that integrates with different software. The platform can also be combined with PTC programs, such as Windchill and Arena PLM.

German company Intland SoftwareOver the years, Intland Software has achieved tremendous success and managed to win the trust of clients. According to the company’s CEO, in partnership with PTC, the team will be able to reach a new level of development and offer a wider range of modern technological solutions.
It should be noted that PTC announced its intentions to acquire Intland the same week that it unveiled its new Windchill solution. It is software that helps manage the lifecycle of a system. In addition, the company released an updated version of SaaS, which will speed up product development and increase its commercialization.
Another piece of news from the company was the announcement of expanded cooperation with ITC Infotech. It should be noted that they have been reliable partners for 20 years, but now the developers are planning to create a joint business unit. The latter will bring together experts from the two companies and will deal with customer support, assisting in the implementation of SaaS solutions.
PTC hopes that the company’s products will be an ideal opportunity for the digital transformation of businesses in various sectors. The SaaS platform has huge potential, which PTC wants to develop together with partners in order to offer clients optimal solutions for their requirements.