web design

The main goals that web design helps to achieve

Search engine robots improve with each new update, forcing SEO specialists to use different ways of promotion. At the same time, it becomes clear that the keyword text alone is not enough to bring the site to the first position in search results. Marketing expert Chaslau Koniukh recommends looking at the situation comprehensively, taking into account all the features. In most cases, you need to change the web design to make the site noticeable to search engine algorithms.
For the success of any resource in terms of design it is important to pay attention to the following features:
– layout quality;
– proper use of scripts;
– optimal placement of elements;
– intuitive structure.
In this case, the design of the site does not play the most important role, rather, an attractive resource is made for users, but not for search engines. Robots evaluate the site from different angles, including analyzing the design and its features. In addition, algorithms determine how much time users spend on the resource, and how its structure is convenient and understandable for people. And based on all these characteristics, a robot leads a site on the first page of search engines or throws it deep into the issuance. Thus it is safe to say that the design has an impact on sales. In this case, there is a simple principle – the more convenient and clearer the structure of the site, the more people stay on it and make an order. And here the goals of designers and SEO specialists converge, forcing them to work together to improve the resource.

web design-2The first thing the process begins with is analyzing the structure of the catalogs, where the hierarchy of the sections is clearly traced. Properly organized, it allows you to quickly navigate on the site, to find one or another category. And in this case, it is not the logic, but the semantic core that is important in the construction. Also in the catalog, there can be sections created solely on the analysis of requests from users.
It should not be forgotten that the volume of purchases from mobile devices is steadily growing, and it is important that the website be adaptive for different gadgets. A resource should be easy to use on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Various factors are taken into account here, such as the presence of interactive elements, their appearance, and the speed of loading pages. And the better the adaptation, the more chances to increase the conversion rate.
Expert Chaslau Koniukh notes commercial factors that help increase the level of trust between the seller and the buyer, simplify the choice of products to order, as well as allow for a detailed study of the assortment. A properly developed web design, which will initially be carried out taking into account the basic principles of SEO, makes it possible to ensure compliance with these factors.