promotion of the blog

What indicators show the promotion of the blog

When they decide to start their own blog, authors are overwhelmed with energy and inspiration. However, as they publish and lack lightning-fast results, their enthusiasm gradually fades, and frustration sets in.
Marketing expert Chaslau Koniukh advises the first step before starting a project to set realistic goals and expectations. It should be understood that promoting a blog is consistent work, which requires patience and time. Here it is important to find the best solution and not be afraid to experiment.
Before launching a blog, an important step is to develop a marketing strategy, which includes various parameters, such as competitor analysis, prediction of results, and SEO promotion. In order to monitor the effectiveness of promotion, and to evaluate the intermediate results, it is necessary to initially determine the key performance indicators or KPIs.
Expert Chaslau Koniukh highlight a number of indicators that should be taken into account when developing a blog:
– the number of visits to the site. This metric should be considered in conjunction with time to understand how traffic changes over the course of a week or month;
– the most viewed publications. In this way, you can better understand what content attracts visitors to the site and optimize those posts that remain out of view;
– average pageview time shows how engaged visitors are with the content. In case of a short stay on the page, you should revise its content, and improve it;
– traffic channels help to track from which sources users come. Such information is important in terms of the proper allocation of funds for blog promotion.

promotion of the blog-2This information can be obtained from Google Analytics, as well as from the site’s internal analytics system.
Collecting data and comparing it allows you to track progress and change your promotion strategy in a timely manner in case of unsatisfactory results. In addition, KPI helps to see at what stage a problem arises and to work on fixing it.
Before you start promoting your site, you should optimize it to make it more easily perceived by search engines. SEO allows you to improve the position of the site and thereby attract more traffic.
An important role is also played by CMS – content management system, from its functionality, depends on how the site will work, and whether it will be easy to make changes to the platform. A popular option for blogging is WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. These engines have the necessary tools for search engine optimization, as well as offering template solutions for site design and layout.
It is also necessary to pay attention to the adaptability of the blog and the peculiarities of the display of pages on different devices. The site should be easy to view both on a full-size monitor and on a phone or tablet. For smartphones, the speed of page loading plays a big role.
And of course, we should not forget that the blog should be interesting and regularly updated with new publications.