Warner Bros. Interactive

Microsoft wants to buy Warner Bros. Interactive for $4 billion

Internet giant Microsoft faced the problem of a limited number of exclusive games for the new Xbox Series X console. To address this issue, the corporation plans to expand its development staff, and for this purpose wants to buy Warner Bros. Interactive. There is no official information yet, but some sources say the deal could be worth $4 billion.
Such news has appeared for a reason. Recently, the film concern Warner Bros. announced the sale of its direction Interactive Entertainment, which develops video games. The division includes such well-known studios as Rocksteady, which owns the development of various games about superhero Batman, the company NetherRealm, which gave the world Mortal Kombat. In addition, the Interactive Entertainment includes the developer Monolith Productions, which makes games based on Tolkien’s book “Lord of the Rings”, and Avalanche Studios, which created a chic series of saga about Harry Potter.
If the rumors about the acquisition of Warner Interactive by Microsoft are true, then the question of licenses for the games will be acute. However, the information is not fully verified, and one can only guess about the future plans of the two giants. If Microsoft becomes the new owner of Interactive Entertainment, then most likely it will develop products exclusively for the Xbox platform.
It is known that the desire to buy the division has already been expressed by Activision Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive, as well as Electronic Arts.
Microsoft Corporation has been producing Xbox consoles since 2001, and realizing the prospects of this direction, is actively investing in its development. Not so long ago, the Internet giant acquired six game developers, including the famous studios Forza Horizon and Hellblade, as well as industry newcomers – The Initiative. In addition, the corporation has bought the authors of the game Fallout 2.

Not all Microsoft games and consoles were positively perceived by the public, often new consoles were criticized, users were not given enough games or functionality. However, the company’s management hopes that the new studios will help eliminate existing errors and significantly expand the range of products. Moreover, a big breakthrough is possible if rumors about the purchase of Warner Bros. Interactive will be confirmed.
Now the developers have a goal to expand the audience of users by introducing a variety of games. The functionality of the consoles is also being actively improved.
For its part, Microsoft is ready to provide new studios with all opportunities for product development and release. Teams will retain some independence to work on existing games that are loved by users. The corporation also invests in services that are associated with the gameplay – store for their purchase, technical support, software for devices and other components for a great game.