General Motors Company

Updated General Motors electric car manufacturing plant

Electric cars are gradually being replaced by cars with traditional engine types. More and more car dealers are expanding the production of this technique. Among such giants of production is the company General Motors. It has become known that it invests $2.2 billion for the production of electric pickups and crossovers.
For this purpose, the American concern will reform the plant, which will specialize exclusively in the production of cars with electric engines. The plant is located near Detroit.
The first models at the new plant will leave the assembly line by the end of 2021. In addition to the production of electric cars, the management of General Motors plans to launch production of unmanned taxis on the electric motor. According to the project, it will not have the steering wheel and pedals of Cruise Origin. The concept of such a car has recently been presented in a division of the concern, which is engaged in creation of self-managed machinery.
Originally, there were other plans for a factory near Detroit. General Motors wanted to close down the plant, but the union opposed this decision. Last fall, when they heard about the closure, the plant workers went on strike, which lasted 40 days. The management of the auto concern had been negotiating with the trade union for a long time, and as a result, it was announced that the enterprise would be reformed rather than closed. Now the plant employs about 900 people, who will continue to work after the production renewal. Due to modernization processes, the enterprise will have to be closed for several months, but in spring of this year all specialists will be restored and production of electric cars will start. In addition, the plant will expand the number of jobs to 2.2 thousand people.

The production of robotic taxis in the United States has a number of challenges. Last summer, Cruise had to postpone the launch of its unmanned taxi service. The reason for this was the U.S. law, according to which you can not use cars that are not equipped with a steering wheel. That’s why many car manufacturers are actively working on improving the technology that will automate vehicle control and minimize human control of the process.
Many manufacturers and developers have petitioned national authorities to review the law regarding the use of vehicles that do not have steering wheels and pedals.
Well, while this issue is under consideration, automobile concerns do not lose hope and believe in the prospects of the segment. The proof of it is investments from Ford Motor, that will be directed on modernization of two factories for manufacture of unmanned electric cars. The sum of investments amounted to 1.45 billion dollars and will create about 3 thousand new jobs. It is planned that the plant will produce both passenger sports cars and trucks.