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Zoom video conferencing service: application features for remote work

Due to the fact that most countries are under quarantine because of the coronavirus epidemic, many companies have to work remotely. This has led to a demand for various messengers to communicate with employees. The Zoom video conference service is also gaining popularity. Interest in the latter has not gone unnoticed on the stock exchange. The shares of the developer Zoom Video Communications Inc. have added $14 billion.
At the beginning of the month its capitalization was 29.8 billion dollars, and a week later the price soared by more than 22%. Now the price of one share is fixed at $160. This figure is 2 times higher than it was a year ago.
The number of users of the Zoom application is steadily increasing. It has already been downloaded by 7 million people, of which 4 million have installed the product on iOS devices and 3 million – on Android. Downloads have increased by 109%.
According to experts, the excitement is due to the fact that some people who previously worked in offices, only learn to work remotely. In order to fully meet the challenges and communicate with management and employees, they prefer to use products from well-known manufacturers, including Zoom or Microsoft.
To ensure quality of services, developers improve functionality and increase network bandwidth. At the moment Zoom is one of the most popular applications for video conferencing. It has an intuitive interface, easy to use and provides excellent communication with people who can not meet each other and talk in person. The service allows you to hear and see the interlocutor, perform the functions of a messenger – messages, file exchange. In addition, the application allows you to create group calls, expand the screen of your device for the participants of the conversation. One of the advantages of Zoom is high quality of communication, without delays in video and audio.

Creation of a conference in the service is available after registration. The event can be planned in advance for a certain date and time, and to do it both on the official website and in the application on your mobile device.
Invitation to other participants of the conversation is sent as a link or a unique identifier. They do not need to register, but only follow the link.
The application is free to download, there are options for owners of iOS and Android. If you want to use it through a desktop computer or laptop, the developer offers special plug-ins and extensions that make it easy to use the service.
There is a free and paid version of Zoom. The first one is designed to create a conference for up to 100 participants, there is no call recording function and several other tools.