Meat processing company

Meat processing company Rebellyous Foods and its products

Against the backdrop of the environmental damage caused by animal husbandry and the growing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism, various companies are working to create artificial plant meat. It resembles a natural product as much as possible, but does not lead to the killing of animals. The first such start-up Impossible Foods is actively developing and supplying its products to many countries around the world. However, its competitors also do not graze their backs – the meat processing company Rebellyous Foods in the next round attracted 6 million dollars.
The investors were well-known companies Liquid 2 Ventures, Clear Current Capital, Agronomics and others. Thanks to this amount, the startup will be able to continue its development in the field of meat from plant ingredients. In addition, the financing will allow it to survive with less damage to the recovery period of processes after the coronavirus pandemic.
The founder of the startup is Christie Lagally. According to her, the product that offers Rebellyous Foods is very relevant now. Flashes of swine, avian influenza and even COVID-19 have shown what the terrible conditions for keeping animals in confined spaces and crowded spaces lead to. It poses a risk not only for them, but for humanity as a whole. One of the challenges for all people should therefore be to reduce their dependence on meat products and to reduce their production of animal products. An excellent alternative is meat made from plant components. Special technologies allow to bring taste and consistency as close as possible to a natural product, and thus to reduce expenses for manufacture.
Two companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, are now successfully operating in this segment. They cooperate with such well-known food chains as Burger King and McDonald’s. While Impossible Foods is creating a vegetable equivalent of fish, Beyond Meat held an IPO last year and its shares are worth about $80.
Artificial meat appeared in restaurants only last year, but became popular not only among vegans, but also among people who do not consider livestock products harmful.

Now you can find burgers, nuggets, sausages and sausages made of plant components. They taste no different from traditional products, and if you don’t know what you are eating, you can easily eat a vegan dish and have fun like eating beef or chicken.
This trend is promising and environmentally friendly, so the demand for such companies is increasing. New start-ups are entering the market, including the Swiss Planted. It owns artificial chicken, which can already be found in many restaurants in Europe. In the Asian region, the company Phuture Foods from Malaysia is delighted with its pork made of mushrooms and beans. Its products can be consumed by Muslims.