Spotify service

Spotify service: history of the company foundation

Streaming service Spotify announced a deal with the founder of the famous podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. The parties signed an exclusive agreement, according to which the transfer of Joe Rogan will be available to platform users. After the announcement of this information, the capitalization of the service increased by several billion dollars. The transaction itself was valued at $100 million.
Standup comic Joe Rogan launched his podcast in 2009, during which time it became the most audible podcast according to the platform rating, where various projects of this niche are presented. The author of the project is also known as the host, sports commentator. He is a master of martial arts. The Joe Rogan Experience is available on Ustream and YouTube. The program comes out as a dialogue between the presenter and guests, who become different individuals – politicians, scientists, actors and businessmen. The most popular issue is an interview with Elon Musk. During the conversation, Joe and the founder of Tesla smoked marijuana. This video got the most hits. The podcast counts thousands of issues, where various topics are raised, from conspiracy theories to the latest research in medicine, science and space.

Streaming service Spotify is designed for listening to audio content: music, podcasts, audiobooks and others. All information is free and you don’t need to download it to your mobile device to listen to a recording. The Spotify library has over 50 million different information in audio format. The platform consists of a website and an application that can be installed on car media systems other than smartphones. The service occupies a share of 36% of the world audio streaming. It is available for users in America, Australia, New Zealand, most European countries.
Spotify is convenient because here you can listen to content both through search or from the author’s page, and through playlists. The second option is used by over 70% of people.
Internet service froze up in 2006, when several entrepreneurs from Stockholm decided to join forces and implement a unique project. In 2005, Daniel Ek suffered from depression and wanted to create something new that could bring back the joy of life and feel happy. He shared the idea with Martin Lorentz, founder of TradeDoubler. The businessman liked Daniel’s idea and he sold the company’s shares to SEK 180 million, 10 of which were invested in a new project.
From 2006 to 2018, Spotify was not profitable and was considered unprofitable. It existed solely on investors’ funds. The reason for this was the amount of contributions that had to be paid to the authors of the submitted content.