Siri voice assistant

Siri – Voice Assistant: features of functionality

Apple Corporation plans to develop its products using the basics of artificial intelligence. It’s with this technology that Siri’s voice assistant wants to improve. To this end, a well-known brand has acquired Inductiv startup, which specializes in machine learning methods.
In addition to Siri, the company from Canada will work on the direction of Data Science and artificial intelligence technologies to use them in various Apple products. The Inductiv startup itself is not particularly well represented on the market, but only knows that it owns a development which, based on AI, allows to detect and correct errors in data sets. This technology is important for machine learning and is directly related to Data Science.
Apple focuses on products that use the fundamentals of AI, including the Siri voice assistant. For example, to improve these services, the brand has hired a team of specialists, including those from the consulting firm Silicon Valley Data Science. In addition, over the course of several years, the corporation has acquired a number of startups that develop artificial intelligence technologies.
Siri Voice Assistant is a program that recognizes human speech, performs a specific list of commands. The functioning is based on AI mechanisms. Siri is built into iPhones, it reacts to the voice, in the process of communication it learns and finds the most appropriate answers. There is no need to use your hands to interact with an assistant, everything is done with your voice, which is especially convenient for elderly or disabled people.
It should be noted that Siri is not a unique development of Apple, it was originally a separate application, which was housed in the App Store. In 2010, the brand bought a startup that created an assistant and then integrated it into its devices. So Siri became the first voice assistant.

The program adapts its functions to the needs of the user, it studies their voice, manner of speaking, which allows better understanding and execution of commands. The learning process is noticeable during the first 2 weeks of using the assistant, after his work is noticeably improved. The user can tell Siri what to call it, how to pronounce the names from the contact list correctly, and in the future the program will follow the owner’s recommendations. The Apple Voice Assistant is available on virtually all branded products, including Apple TV and HomePod, and is integrated with most car media systems.
You can start Siri with a button or with a voice only. It is usually activated after the words “Hello, Siri”.
Unlike iPhones, voice assistant functionality for Mac computers is quite limited. In this case, it can make calls over FaceTime, turn on music, inform about weather forecasts, and write messages.