Robert Pera

Ubiquiti Networks, despite its youth, is known all over the world. Its main directions are development and creation of equipment to support computer networks. The founder of the brand – Robert Pera, was able in a short time to lead the company to success and become a billionaire.

Robert Pera: formation of the head of Ubiquiti Networks

The year of foundation of Ubiquiti Networks U.S. company is considered 2005, by 2011 its shares appeared on the stock exchange. The brand managed to quickly enter the competitive niche of information technology and become successful in a short time. The company is distinguished by a non-standard approach to solving problems in its field, its specialists showed the world a completely different system of using wireless networks. The main developments are NanoStation, Rocket M, AirMax and AirFiber, which are popular around the world.
The founder of the company is Robert Pera. By the age of 33 he had become one of the youngest billionaires in the world. The businessman owes his success not to chance, but to laborious work. His career began with an engineer at the Apple Corporation, after which he became a developer in the team that created the Wi-Fi AirPort. Watching the processes in the company, Robert understood how to present technical innovations on the market with the help of properly thought out marketing policy.
Most of the rich people have been successful for many years, but the young man realized that he didn’t want to wait, and it is possible to achieve the goal much faster.

Robert Pera was brought up in the family of a public relations specialist and business consultant. At school the boy was ill and missed a year of training because of problems with his heart system, but this did not prevent him from getting an excellent education. Robert has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and speaks Japanese very well. He then continued his studies at the University of California, where he studied integrated circuit design.
Despite the huge condition, Pera lives in San Jose quite modestly – in a small apartment with one room and rents a BMW car.
The devices to amplify the Wi-Fi signal became Robert’s own development. He spent the first capital of $30 000 to create an improved model, which increased the capacity of the Wi-Fi signal. A distinctive feature of these developments is compatibility – all Ubiquiti products are software-oriented. This approach allowed protecting the idea from competitors and plagiarism.
In 2009, these devices were launched into mass production and sales.
Robert Pera has thought over the entire process of creating and supplying products to the market. The company has a wide distribution network, which operates all over the world. Important attention is paid to customer feedback. For this purpose, an Internet platform has been created, where consumers communicate with developers and share their opinion about the product and its usability.