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Porsche company expands its range of electric cars: details

Porsche company followed the example of many car manufacturers and decided to invest in the development of electric cars. A new model of this concern – Macan – is being prepared for release. In addition, Porsche has directed about 10 billion euros to electrify the existing range of cars. Investments will be allocated in installments within 4 years.
New technologies are being actively developed to improve the control of the car, to ensure the automation of a number of processes. Part of the funds will be used to modernize production facilities. For the next few years Porsche plans to take a high position in the segment of electric cars. In addition, a new business strategy has been adopted, which will allow it to keep the profit figures at the level of last year despite the economic crisis in the world.
According to the car manufacturer’s management, within 10 years it is planned to increase the production of machines on electric traction up to 50% of the total product line. The first electric car from Porsche was well received by consumers and experts. About 30 thousand people wanted to become owners of this sports car Taycan, and 15 thousand of them have already signed purchase contracts.
Now a new version of electric car is being prepared for release, which will be presented in the popular Cross Turismo body. In 2022, the presentation of the crossover Macan, which will be equipped with an electric motor, is expected.

According to the Porsche brand, the expansion of the model lineup will increase the number of employees by about 2 thousand people. In total, the car manufacturer’s enterprises employ about 35.5 thousand people. Compared to last year, this figure has increased by 10 percent, which indicates the company’s stability in financial terms. In 2019, over 280,000 new Porsche vehicles were sold and the Group’s turnover amounted to 28.5 billion euros, 11% higher than in the previous period. Operating profit increased by 3 percent to EUR 4.4 billion. Approximately 500 million was spent on the coordination of legal proceedings, costs and dieselgate fines. Taking all income and expenses into account, the profitability of the business was 13.5%.
Another area that Porsche plans to develop is the development of flying taxis, which will be carried out jointly with Boeing. The management of the car manufacturer considers this segment to be promising, and cooperation with the famous airline corporation will allow to combine the experience of specialists to create a fundamentally new vehicle.
The project will start with the analysis of air traffic in the city and study of market potential. According to preliminary data, the air taxi will be powered by an electric engine, as well as have vertical take-off and horizontal landing.