Mary Meeker

Significant career milestones for analyst Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker has earned high recognition in the U.S. financial world. She established herself as a qualified analyst on Wall Street, and afterward, she went into venture capital investing. The woman specializes primarily in IT projects, for which she earned the nickname “Queen of the Internet.”
Mary was born in 1959 in Portland. During her high school years, she was captain of the golf team. This hobby came to the girl from her father, a big game fan.
Meeker has several educational backgrounds. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and art and a master’s degree in administration in finance. In addition, in 2000, Mary received an honorary doctorate from DePauw University.
Meeker took a position as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch in 1982, and in 1986, after receiving financial education at Cornell University, she got a job as an analyst at Salomon Brothers. She changed a few more positions before joining Morgan Stanley in 1991. At the company, she specialized in working with IT representatives who developed software and produced computers.

analyst Mary MeekerA significant milestone in Meeker’s career

An important milestone in Meeker’s career was a report published in 1996. The document included analytical data and instructions for investors on dealing with the IT sector. It became highly significant to the dot-com period and was even published as a book. For years, Mary wrote reports for the internet industry, which included extensive analytics on various sectors: mobile development and e-commerce development, internet advertising, and more.
Despite her professionalism, Meeker could not escape the scandal after the dot-com bubble crisis. The woman was questioned at the time but was not charged with fraud.
In 2004, as a member of Morgan Stanley, Mary supported the IPO of Google Corporation.
Meeker left the company as Managing Director in 2010 to become a partner in Kleiner Perkins’ venture capital business. In addition, Mary serves on the boards of several companies, including Square, a payment system.
In 2018, Meeker left Kleiner Perkins to found BOND, a venture capital firm. The company participated in the funding of the Canva platform, investing $70 million to develop the project.
In 2021, BOND announced the closing of its second $2 billion fund.
Mary Meeker is a respected analyst. She provides an annual report that is the basis for building an investment strategy in the Internet market.