to promote apps in the App Store

Promoting apps for mobile devices: an overview of methods

Promoting apps in the App Store or Google Play is based on the standard principle used for search engine results. It is worth starting by analyzing the queries by which users choose the desired service. Most often, these keywords are “free games,” “Instagram,” “photo editor,” and others.
According to statistics, 65% of app installations for iOS are made through a search, almost the exact figures for Android. And 70% of installed programs are services from the top 3 search results. This means that the name and description of the application should contain keywords. Usually, the queries are brand names or functions of the desired service.
An adequately assembled semantic core will help increase an app’s position in search results. It should contain the characteristics of the product, its functions, and its benefits for users.
In addition to queries, practical tools for promotion are:
– use of ASO mechanisms;
– setting up motivated traffic;
– advertising campaigns;
– promotion through the application site;
– social networks;
– advertising collaborations with bloggers.

promoting appsSuch factors influence on application promotion

You must understand that app stores do not publish search engine robot algorithms, meaning there is no exact instruction for getting to the top. In this case, marketers are guided by several characteristics considered in the promotion. For example, the number of installations over the past few days and the total number of downloads affect the promotion of the application. Reviews and ratings of users and the number of program deletions play an essential role. In addition, Google Play considers mentions of the service on the Internet, not only in the store. Remember the importance of a relevant name and the presence of keywords.
It is better to include queries aimed at a broad target audience when promoting the application. Thus you can attract a large amount of organic traffic, which search algorithms count. The keywords for the service must be taken from the App Store prompts.
ASO helps optimize the application page for the store’s requirements. This approach is almost similar to SEO and involves the same operations. ASO promotion involves not only the selection of the necessary metadata and semantics but also the placement of attractive icons and meaningful screenshots. All this is needed to make the user want to download the app based on the description and pictures.
Motivated traffic works effectively when a user receives a specific reward for installing a service. This approach helps increase the number of reviews, increasing the app’s rating.
The App Store, like Google Play, gives preference to those services that are installed via search. This is a positive signal for the store that the app’s content is relevant.