John Templeton

Sir John Templeton: a businessman, a risky investor

American-British entrepreneur John Templeton lived a fascinating 95 years and died in 2008 in the Bahamas.
The future businessman and, according to several publications, “the best stock manager” was born in Tennessee in a poor family. It happened on November 29, 1912.
John graduated from Yale University, part of the Ivy League, a commonwealth of eight of the most prestigious private universities in the United States. Since Templeton was the best student in his course, he continued his studies and received a degree (law) in Oxford.

John Templeton: When capital multiplies by times

On Wall Street, known for the New York Stock Exchange, the future billionaire appeared in 1937. Two years later, the Second World War broke out, mixing the cards for many American entrepreneurs. Templeton borrowed $10000 from his boss and bought one-dollar bonds, which seemed promising to the novice investor. The calculation was successful – the businessman four times increased his capital. After almost 20 years of successful trading, the businessman created Templeton Growth, Ltd. After predicting the growth of the Japanese economy, Templeton was the first to invest in the enterprises of the Rising Sun. Every hundred thousand invested in 1960 turned into $55 million in 1999.

In 1954, John Templeton’s client Leroy Paisley handed over $65,000 to the management. 40 years later, Leroy already had $37 million.
In 1992, a businessman sold all his companies for $440 million. By that time, John had renounced U.S. citizenship for allegedly exorbitant taxes. In return, Templeton was given two passports – Bahamas and Great Britain.
After selling his businesses, the billionaire went into charity, for which he founded a number of relevant organizations. In the name of the Wall Street maestro, the foundation, the prize and the library. In 1987, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom gave John the title of knight, thanks to which a native of a poor family began to be officially called “Sir John Templeton”. Such an honor the talented manager was honored for the huge amount of funds allocated to charity.
John Templeton has been named one of the most influential people on the planet. His merits include not only phenomenal asset management and patronage, but also an eternal desire to reach spiritual heights through scientific research.