Investing in real estate in Dubai-2

Investing in Dubai real estate: the benefits of investing in the UAE

Experts have analyzed the Dubai real estate market, and note that now is the best time to buy housing here. The key factor for this is to increase the capital value in a number of projects. By increasing investment in real estate in Dubai now, you can in the future substantially increase the profit from the object.
Consulting company Medallion Associates has studied the market and concluded that the rental housing sector is now actively developing. In Dubai, there is an increase in prices for such facilities, including in the segment of luxury real estate.
It should be noted that in terms of investment, Dubai and the UAE as a whole have remained attractive for a long time. One of the factors that contributes to this is the availability of unique price suggestions, as well as modern solutions for the realization of objects. Local developers are actively introducing technological innovations and innovations in the construction segment, due to which the quality of the property increases and the terms of commissioning are reduced. Besides, the local market is famous for its diverse offer, which also attracts investors from other countries.
Despite the impact of the pandemic and the need to suspend a number of projects, the Dubai segment was able to quickly gain momentum and begin the process of recovery. In 2020, 35,600 deals were completed here, totaling about $19.6 billion. This result demonstrated that the UAE’s popularity as an investment site has not declined even during the instability of the global economy. In September 2020 there was an increase in the cost of villas in Dubai, this trend continues today. On average, a square meter of such housing has risen by 2.7%, and the rent for such objects has grown by 2%.

Investing in real estate in Dubai

As noted by analysts, Dubai is an ideal option for long-term investments. This is facilitated by flexible tax rules and a simplified scheme for the purchase of housing for foreigners. In addition, the UAE is stable economically and politically, which also increases the attractiveness of the country.
The main factors of economic growth here are the active development of the labor market and the increase in the standard of living of the population. In addition, the emirates provide quality healthcare and education services, as well as the constant improvement of infrastructure.
Investors from the US and European countries also show interest in the local real estate market. Stable economic processes and the possibility of comfortable accommodation are important to them. These conditions in the UAE are provided at a high level, as evidenced by the annual influx of foreigners who are changing their home country to live in the Emirates. Another reason for investing in the Dubai market and the UAE in general is the revision of the citizenship policy for non-residents.