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What are the benefits of investing in Dubai housing: an overview of the benefits

The leader of the luxury real estate market, as well as several years before, remains Dubai. It combines affordable property prices with fast payback. Investments in housing in Dubai allow to have consistently high income with less investment than in other metropolitan areas.
This city in the UAE ranks third in the ranking of megacities with the most affordable luxury real estate, after Cape Town and Kuala Lumpur. It is no wonder that many investors from different countries choose Dubai for the purchase of quality apartments for rent or own use.
According to the index Savills, last year the average cost per square meter of such objects in the city decreased 7.5% compared to 2019, and amounted to 1728 dollars. At the same time, this index in Kuala Lumpur was fixed at 2916 dollars, and in Cape Town – 2808 dollars.
The maximum price tag for elite real estate is registered in Hong Kong. Here you have to pay $4440 per square meter of premium apartments. And the cost of objects decreased last year by 6.8%, but still is the highest in the world.
Over the past 6 months, there has been a marked increase in the cost of capital in cities such as Berlin, Seoul and Moscow. Experts predict that within 5 years the price of elite real estate will significantly increase in Lisbon, Amsterdam and the Russian capital.

It should be noted that Dubai has long been popular among investors not only because of the availability of premium facilities. The city is ideal for comfortable living and doing business. It has a developed infrastructure, quality offer. The Emirate is conveniently located in terms of proximity to various centers of Europe and Asia. Innovative technologies are being introduced in the megapolis, and representatives of different cultures live there perfectly. Due to the large inflow of foreign and local investors, the projects have a quick payback, which makes Dubai more attractive than other world centers.
In the first half of 2020, the emirate’s elite real estate market showed a decline in activity. Then the cost of buying and renting objects subsided, which was a global trend rather than a feature of this market. However, against the background of falling demand and falling price list, a large number of foreign investors came to the segment and were not afraid of global instability. In the first half of 2020 housing in Dubai became cheaper by 3% compared to 2019.
Now the elite real estate market in the metropolis is recovering, which is facilitated by low interest rates on loans and small associated costs that arise when purchasing objects.