Bill Miller

Despite past setbacks, Opportunity Trust managed to return to the leading positions. Success has brought a bet on shares of Apple Inc., Restoration Hardware and a number of others. The head of the company is Bill Miller, former portfolio manager of Legg Mason.

Bill Miller: how betting on Bitcoin helped rise after the crisis

Opportunity Trust managed to resist a number of wrong decisions and took the first place in the ranking of diversified funds with assets of more than $1 billion. A few weeks after this rise, Forbes magazine published an interview with Bill Miller. The 67-year-old investor argues that successful investments in the development of Bitcoin were able to restore the prosperity of the Bitcoin Trust and its personal wealth. In 2014, the businessman invested 1 percent of his fortune in Bitcoin, and by now he has managed to get almost 100 percent of profit.
This success was an award for the previous 10 years, which were not very good for the professional activity of the investor. Things were going well after Miller left Legg Mason after 35 years there. He bought back some assets in 3 funds and started a new stage in his life.
Thanks to his analytical mind and ability to predict change, Bill invested in bitcoin back in 2014, when the digital currency was just gaining momentum. The businessman managed to predict the potential of electronic money and today Bitcoin is the main investment of his hedge fund.

Miller’s Opportunity Fund itself has no digital currency, but this does not prevent it from flourishing. Miller took a reasonable step by buying options of Apple Corporation, the cost of which is $100. He also owns a large stake in Amazon, whose rating has increased significantly this year.
According to the investor, the capitalization of the e-commerce market has great potential and it is possible to grow 5-6 times in the next 10 years.
Miller owns a controlling stake in Opportunity Trust and another fund with small capital, which was created during the cooperation with Legg Mason. The company is managed by Miller Value Partners and its head is the son of a businessman, also Bill Miller IV. In addition, the company is owned by Miller Income Fund, whose capital is $ 116 million, and a hedge fund with an asset of $120 million.
In this case, Bill Miller himself enjoys life and a little away from business. During his professional career he managed to restore the company’s capital after the crisis of 2008, although it took a long time.