Floyd Mayweather's fortune

Floyd Mayweather’s fortune: how the boxer managed to make money on his own name

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is known not only for his success in the ring. This guy loves money and knows how to make it, not relying solely on sports talent and luck. Floyd Mayweather’s fortune amounts to $915 million, which made him number one on Forbes’ list of the highest paid athletes. Interestingly, he earned $275 million for his one fight with Conor McGregor.
The boxer created himself a reputation of a cocky guy who openly demonstrates superiority over others, trying to make his opponent’s fighting spirit worse. And such a strategy works and allows him to make money.
Officially Floyd Mayweather finished his professional career, but boxing is still a source of his income. For example, the fight with Manny Pacquiao brought 220 million dollars, and the sum earned for all sports competitions was 1 billion dollars.

How much does Floyd Mayweather's fortune countUntil 2007, the boxer cooperated with the promotion company Top Rank, but later he created his own – Mayweather Promotions. It allowed the athlete to organize fights and their promotional support by himself. Al Haymon, an influential man in the boxing world, helped him in this, thanks to which some promising athletes moved under Floyd’s brand. On average, Mayweather Promotions brings its owner about $6-7 million, and Mayweather is not directly involved in management, he entrusted it to his adviser.
In addition to the company, the boxer owns a chain of gyms, which he opened in 2018. Innovative training technology is used here. Classes with elements of boxing techniques are carried out using a virtual reality tool. The user is engaged in a special mask, which broadcasts a virtual fight and the person needs to dodge blows. Such clubs are located in Las Vegas, but in time Floyd plans to expand the network across the country with the help of a franchise. The new business already brings the athlete a good profit – about $90 million.
Mayweather also invests in the real estate market. For this he chose New York City, where he invests in high-rise buildings, and then rents them out. Such activity brings almost 25 million dollars annually. Upon receiving the income, the boxer invests in real estate again, expanding his assets.
A business that is more of a pleasure than a real income is the Girl Collection strip clubs. Seven such establishments are located in Las Vegas and generate about $15 million annually.
Mayweather owns an advertising company that promotes clothing sales. The boxer delegated all management, but by appearing in public in the outfits he sells, he increased brand awareness, thereby growing the business.
It is worth noting that along with the ability to earn, the athlete knows how to spend money. He is known for his love of jewelry and cars.