Accommodation in Poland

Ukrainians and Belarusians are actively purchasing housing in Poland

The real estate market in Poland is a promising segment of Europe. It is of interest to investors from different countries, including Belarus. Over the past year, the number of citizens from this country who have purchased housing in Poland has increased significantly. Belarusians have bought about 27 thousand square meters here.
Most of the objects were purchased in Warsaw and Krakow, while a little less – in Wroclaw. Buyers from Belarus took third place in terms of number, followed by citizens of Ukraine, while the second place – from Germany.
According to official data from the departments of Poland, last year Belarusians owned 30,984 square meters, including 20,350 square meters of residential real estate. For comparison, the citizens of Ukraine have purchased 162,483 square meters, while the Germans – 55,484 square meters.
The leaders in the purchase of objects in Poland are legal entities and individuals registered in Ukraine. On the local market they have concluded deals on 180,302 sq.m., which included housing and commercial objects. Companies and individuals from the Netherlands purchased non-residential premises most of all, with a total volume of 135,772 sq.m. They are followed by Cyprus, from which 83,118 sq.m. were purchased. Citizens and legal entities from Germany became the owners of 76,332 sq.m. in Poland.
France, Israel and Great Britain are also among the leaders. Last year the Russians purchased 19,091 sq.m., most of which are residential properties.
The Polish market shows good growth dynamics, and not only due to domestic transactions, but also due to growing demand from foreigners. In 2019 the last bought 96,2731 sq.m., which is almost 30% more than in the previous period.
Real estate in Warsaw remains the most popular, followed by Krakow and Wroclaw. The Lodz and Gdansk markets are less popular.

According to experts, the Polish market is expected to be the leader in Europe. Starting from 2013, the country has been steadily showing economic growth, developing various segments of the economy, increasing the level of citizens’ income and decreasing unemployment rates.
Demand for real estate is growing, which leads to an increase in the cost per square meter. Investors are increasing their presence in the country, and first of all they are attracted by the capital. Warsaw is one of the most developed cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Many international companies have their offices here, and large-scale projects from various fields are being implemented. Therefore, housing and commercial real estate of the capital of Poland is in demand among both citizens and foreigners.