plant protein production

Production of vegetable protein: participation in the Radicle Protein Challenge

The Radicle acceleration fund and Syngenta, a large agricultural company, have invested in the production of vegetable protein. The total investment will amount to $1.25 million, which will be allocated to 2 start-ups, which are working on experimental technologies to change the biological structure of the protein.
This funding is provided by the Radicle Protein Challenge, a joint project of the companies. Companies from all over the world, which are engaged in research and production of vegetable protein, can take part in it. All you need to do is apply and the commission will consider the characteristics of the startup, its prospects and development advantages. Two companies will be selected, the best one will receive $1 million to develop technology and enter the market, and the second one will receive $250 thousand, which will also be a good financial support to continue working on the product.
In addition to a large sum of money, the winners of the Challenge will receive as a gift from Radicle Growth a growth and development program designed individually for the startup and the niche market in which it is presented. For its part, Syngenta will share its experience in agriculture, advise on product promotion and use of agricultural networks.
The representative of Syngenta stated that the production of vegetable protein is promising. These technologies are more relevant than ever, given the rapid increase in population and demand for food. Therefore, the company is expanding its business areas and wants to take part in innovations of the future that will benefit the world. And for this, the Radicle Acceleration Foundation, which organized the Radicle Protein Challenge, is ideally suited. By joining forces, the companies have created a good initiative, and there is no doubt that it will help to get the right funding for start-ups with potentially successful technology.

All applications from those wishing to participate in the project will be carefully selected and 4-6 finalists will be determined. Afterwards, companies should submit their own ideas in such a way as to interest investors. The results and the winners will be announced by the end of this year.
The Radicle Growth Foundation is based in San Diego and is looking for innovative start-ups that develop products in the food technology and agricultural sectors. The fund studies such companies, analyzes the prospects of their ideas and allocates investments to them. In addition, Radicle Growth supports start-up projects, creates conditions for them to develop and enter the market.
Syngenta operates in the agricultural sector. It is committed to sustainable consumption, plant protection and environmental improvement. The company applies innovative solutions to agricultural operations. Its products are successfully used in 90 countries.