TotalEnergies expands its network of electric vehicle stations

The French company TotalEnergies has acquired 200 stations for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources. Located in Spain, they are installed along major motorways in different regions.
TotalEnergies also acquired their management company, Nordian CPO, along with the stations. Nordian CPO was part of Wenea, a company active in developing electric transport infrastructure. The parties also signed a partnership agreement, which includes:
– exchange of experience in the field of electricity network construction;
– implementing joint infrastructure projects;
– investing in modern charging centres.
TotalEnergies has set itself ambitious targets. By 2028, the company plans to have over 1,000 charging stations in various European countries. Wenea, for its part, operates around 1,200 sites.
Spain is strategically important for oil and gas companies. The country ranks 5th in Europe in terms of the size of its car fleet. In addition, the number of electric vehicles has increased in recent years.
TotalEnergies’ business portfolio includes more than 2 million contracts in Spain. These are gas and electricity supply contracts and related services. The company is also implementing solar energy projects in the country. The latter has a total capacity of 3 GW.

TotalEnergies electric vehicle stations

Business overview of TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies is a French integrated company, one of the seven largest oil companies in the world. TotalEnergies operates in all phases of oil and gas production, including the following:
– exploration and production;
– transportation and sales;
– power generation;
– refining of raw materials;
– the manufacture of chemicals and petroleum products.
The company also operates a network of service stations and several businesses in various industries. The structure includes subsidiaries such as Atotech, Hutchinson, Bostik and others. The total number of TotalEnergies petrol stations is 15.4 thousand. Most of them are in Europe. At the same time, the company ranks first in Western Europe and Africa in terms of the number of service stations.
It operates in 130 countries. The company employs more than 100,000 people. In 2021, TotalEnergies will have hydrocarbon reserves of more than 12 billion barrels. The company is actively developing its renewable energy division. It owns wind and solar power plants. The company is implementing a climate strategy to reduce carbon emissions. One of its objectives is to expand its RES network.
France is the company’s main market, followed by other European countries and North America. The company produces oil in Europe, Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands. In Africa, the fields are in Nigeria, Angola and other countries.