Startup Humane plans to collaborate with Microsoft and OpenAI

Humane has held a funding round in which it has received $100m. Investors include Microsoft, Kindred Ventures, and Sam Altman, formerly CEO of Elon Musk’s OpenAI project.
The Humane startup was founded in 2018 by married Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. The founders had previously held executive positions at Apple Corporation but decided to set up a joint business after leaving in 2016. At Steve Jobs, Choudhry was responsible for device design while his wife developed the operating system.
Humane did not disclose details of the products it was working on. However, this has not prevented the startup from attracting $241 million from major investors during its lifespan. It is known that the company plans to release a device that Humane specialists will fully develop. In addition, the startup promises a software platform focused on artificial intelligence and the use of its capabilities in certain areas.
The company has partnered with Microsoft to develop its cloud services. In addition, Humane intends to release a device that will use artificial intelligence technology developed by OpenAI specialists.

AI startup Humane

New startup products

According to Humane’s presentation and patent filings, the startup’s product would project information into the real world. In turn, users could control this data using hand movements. According to some experts, it will be a device worn on the hand or fingers and is likely to be Android-based.
Such conclusions are also based on the fact that at the Voices 2022 conference, Chaudhri spoke quite strongly about the potential of smart glasses. In the businessman’s opinion, these devices only limit people by impairing their world perception. Without eye contact, the ability to communicate between people will be reduced. Humane has therefore decided to take a different route, providing users with a unique product based on AI technology and its practical application in everyday life.
The company is interested in collaborating with OpenAI on ChatGPT and Dall-E products. The first is an AI-based chatbot that can generate text and dialogue. Dall-E is a neural network that can create images based on a description of what the user wants. These models are expected to form the basis of the Humane device.
In addition to these companies, the startup has also announced collaborations with Korean technology corporation LG and Swedish carmaker Volvo.