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Ukrainian startup has attracted investments from American company Abstract

In the market of IT-technologies of Ukraine there are new projects which are being paid attention by foreign investors. A vivid example is Flawless App. Not so long ago this startup attracted large angelic investments from MacPaw founder, and now it became known that American company Abstract was interested in the Ukrainian project.
The information came from the co-founder of the startup – Lisa Juba, but she did not name the amount of the deal for which they buy Flawless App. It is only known that 2 years ago the company began working with the accelerator Techstars, which estimated the project at $2 million.
Flawless App is a service to be used when designing an IT product. The program allows you to compare the adaptability of design on a mobile application during its development. The idea belongs to two creators – Ahmed Suleiman and Lisa Juba, who started their business in 2015. Since then Flawless App has been used in such large corporations as Uber, eBay, Nike, Disney and others. A total of 5 people are working on the project.
Abstract company provides technology to monitor the relevance of versions to make them as useful as possible for designers. The service opens up great opportunities for specialists, with its help you can edit files in parallel, control all actions, and optimally organize the process of creating a design. Abstract is a kind of analogue of Git platform, but it was developed exclusively for designers.
As soon as the transaction passes through all the necessary design stages, the Flawless App startup will become a part of the Abstract team, which is quite easy to do because the specialists work remotely.
The main direction of Flawless App work will be creation and promotion of Abstract SDK. The program facilitates the integration of all systems into a single one, in addition, the SDK allows you to automate most design tasks that take a lot of time.
Flawless App will continue to develop a community of designers and developers, but with the capabilities of the American company it is much more convenient and efficient to do this.

The Ukrainian startup received angelic investment from Alexander Kosovan, who created MacPaw and is one of the founders of SMRK investment fund. This investment was the first for both a businessman and a startup. The amount of the deal is unknown, but according to the founders of Flawless App, everything was done according to the standard rounds adopted in the U.S. for this type of investment. The raised money was used to expand the functions of the main product Flawless App, as well as to implement new ideas, including the creation of various communities for professionals.
The startup team pays great attention to machine learning to facilitate development for people.