What services the American startup Careerist provides

The startup Careerist held another seed funding round, which raised $1.25 million. After that, its valuation was $21 million.
Careerist is an educational platform, which gives the user the opportunity to get a position in an IT-company without appropriate work experience. For its services the service takes a part of the future salary of the applicant.
The investors of the startup were the Russian fund FRII, the company SmartHub, and a number of business angels. The management of Careerist plans to use the money to further develop and scale the project.
The startup was founded in 2019 in the United States by three programmers from Russia and Ukraine. Originally the service was called JobEasy. Its goal is to employ people in the promising field of IT technology, even if they have experience in this segment. With the help of the platform, it is possible to get a position as a programmer or tester, and both in a small firm, and become part of the Internet giants Apple or Google. For their services Careerist takes a certain amount of future salary, most often it is 15% of salary, which should be paid for two years. In addition, the user needs to pay an initial fee, its value is calculated taking into account the discounts and job search programs offered by the startup. Moreover, the client pays the full amount for training on the platform only if he or she gets a job in the technology field upon its completion. The cooperation between the client and the company is secured through an agreement.

cooperationIf in the beginning Careerist focused primarily on the educational aspect, over time, the management decided to conduct a major rebranding. The result of the latter was a name change and an expansion of functions in the job search.
A simple step in learning on the Careerist platform is to become a tester. After completing the courses, you can get a job with the company and then continue your education on the platform without discontinuing your employment. In addition to finding a job and improving professional skills, Careerist helps clients in obtaining a larger salary, advising how to convey the message about the desired salary to management.
According to official figures from the company, more than a thousand people have found decent jobs thanks to the platform’s services. In doing so, they pay a total of about $16 million to the startup. In just the past year, Careerist’s revenue increased by 500% and reached the $2 million mark.
Such success has made the company a promising option for investment by investors, including Silicon Valley business angels.