Nvidia Chat with RTX AI solution

What Chat with RTX can do: an overview of Nvidia’s AI solution

With ChatGPT coming up in 2022, the excitement around generative artificial intelligence continues unabated. Many major companies, including Amazon and Microsoft, have presented their developments in this field. The American company Nvidia has also unveiled its AI solution. The Chatbot Chat with RTX is designed to work with video content.
The Verge editorial team tested it. According to them, the bot is not perfect yet, but it has a good potential for developing its functionality. Moreover, its capabilities will be useful to a large number of users.
Possible uses of chat with RTX:
1. Video processing on the YouTube platform. The bot finds mentions of a particular video topic in transcripts. It can also summarise the content of a video in text format.
2. File processing. The AI easily performed tasks on documents in TXT, DOCX, PDF and other formats.
3. Assistant for testers. The bot coped perfectly with creating records and summarising information.
It is worth noting that the chatbot needs refining. For example, the testers found some errors when searching for video transcriptions. RTX used content from other videos rather than the specific one specified in the search. At the same time, it performed better than ChatGPT or Copilot when processing files. The bot’s response was immediate and accurate.

Chat with RTX

Chat with RTX features

Nvidia’s product uses two language models, Mistral and Llama 2. It comes with the Chat Bot application installed on the device and does not require an internet connection. At the same time, Chat with RTX has several technical requirements:
– it is currently only compatible with Windows OS;
– the computer’s graphics processor must be of the 30 and 40 series;
– video memory from 8 GB.
Installing the application itself does not require much effort. It is essential to remember that the application requires 40 GB of free space. The application runs on an instance of the Python class with 3 GB of 64 GB RAM. Installation takes 30 minutes, after which the command line appears on the background screen. The primary access to the bot is through a browser.
Chat with RTX is still in demo mode and can be used by a limited number of professionals.

Other new products from Nvidia

In addition to the AI solution, Nvidia unveiled a supercomputer in early 2024. The Eos machine is designed to solve artificial intelligence tasks. The supercomputer is already one of the most powerful in its class. It consists of 576 Nvidia DGX H100 systems, each equipped with 8 H100 accelerators. In this way, Nvidia has managed to provide the high performance of Eos and the ability to handle advanced AI.