Montenegro enters

Montenegro is on the list of countries with favorable conditions for investment

Montenegro is a popular European country for holidays, where the tourism business owns a large part of the budget. As a result of the coronavirus and quarantine pandemic, the flow of tourists has come to naught. However, Montenegro was the first among European countries to win the disease and open its borders to tourists from 130 countries. This willingness was received by investors with optimism, and they are ready to invest in the local market. In addition, Montenegro is in the top of the best countries for real estate investments this year. It took second place, having lost to Colombia. The third position was shared by Bulgaria. Latvia, Hungary, Malaysia, Chile, Costa Rica and others are also in the top ten. Cyprus took 13th position, followed by Turkey, Spain was placed on 19th position and Greece on 20th.
The rating assessed the countries on several points: the dynamics of GDP growth, the ease of obtaining a visa, the cost and standard of living, the possibility of registration of residence permit and citizenship, the rate of national currency. Particular attention was paid to the cost of real estate, the yield on the rental of objects, the tax policy with regard to capital growth and duties, which are imposed on income from the rental of housing and commercial premises. Real estate acquisition costs, the political situation in the state and the development of the tourist segment were also taken into account.
Montenegro had the lowest prices and was roughly the same as Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Morocco. Colombia, Bulgaria, Mexico and Turkey require the least money to live.

According to the forecast of analysts, soon in Montenegro it should be expected a decline in property prices within 10%. This European country has a profitable program for citizenship in exchange for investment, which attracts many foreigners. It was launched last autumn, and has already filed 28 applications, 6 have received approval. The result might have been better, but the pandemic has made the paperwork and application process much more complex. According to experts, interest in the program is quite high, and after quarantine the demand for it is growing.
To become a citizen of Montenegro, it is necessary to invest 250 thousand euros in the development project, which is located in the northern region of the state, for the southern part and Podgorica must be able to 450 thousand euros. The list of these projects is approved by the government, and it is possible to choose the best option for investment. Besides this amount, the investor should contribute 100 thousand euros to the national fund on a charity basis.
Officially COVID-19 in Montenegro was defeated on June 2. The country managed to neutralize the disease faster than other European countries. Originally opened for 130 countries, now the list has expanded.