Michael Dell

Michael Dell is the one who created Dell’s computers and other products

Michael Saul Dell – a man who began at the bottom, with the artisan production of homemade computers, and finally became one of the richest people in the world. He is 49th in the list of 100 richest people on our planet. Michael Dell’s personal capital is $16,000,000,000. His biography inspires young IT professionals not to bury their talents and confidently follow their ideas and dreams.

How did Michael Dell become who he is now?

Dell’s dad was a dental technician. He gave the boy a true Jewish entrepreneurial spirit, and combined with tenacity, ingenuity, and diligence, Michael began to achieve success in his high school years. He studied at Memorial High School (Houston, Texas), but in his studies he was not the brightest crayon in the box – he was interested in something else. On vacation, when all his peers were playing soccer and kite racing, twelve-year-old Michael Dell took a job at the post office and started convincing locals to write a newspaper. For every buyer, a smart boy would get interest. Dell began to notice that newcomers were the easiest to agree to subscribe. And eventually the guy hired his peers to find him those newcomers. That’s how the boy made his first two thousand dollars when he was 12.
In high school, Dell sold a subscription to the Houston Post magazine, and went into direct sales. He found out who the newcomers were in his town, sent them greeting letters, and “gave” a free subscription to the magazine. Most of them got carried away and extended. That’s how the baby’s financial genius started to show up.
After school, he moved to Austin, where he went to Texas National University. Like his father, he wanted to become a dentist, but while studying – founded a company to sell computers PC’s Limited. And although the company was, as we wrote above, artisanal, it made great profits.

Enough to quit university and devote all the time to business. In 1987, he renamed his brainchild Dell Computer Corporation. In 1993, he went through a small crisis because of his powerful competitor Gateway and the fact that his laptops were fire hazardous. But the second “takeoff” of Dell was so powerful that the company became the most profitable in the world. In 2004, sales were $50 billion and profits rose to three billion. In 2003, the company began producing not only computers, but also other equipment – and shortened the name to Dell Inc.
In 2004, Michael resigned his position as CEO, giving it to Kevin Rollins, and headed the board of directors himself. In 2005, he was ranked 4th in the Forbes Ranking of the Rich USA, and 18th in the world. He had $18 billion in personal wealth. In 2017, he was already 20.
Michael Dell lives in California, enjoying the views of sunny Malibu. The mansion is in 15th place on the list of the largest houses in the world, and costs about nineteen million dollars.