Large data center

Large data center in Poland and Microsoft investments in Italy

Microsoft Corporation plans to open a large data center in Poland. The cost of the investment was 1 billion dollars. The company says that it will become the central and largest data center in Europe.
Microsoft plans are known when the American technology giant became a partner of the cloud operator, which was created with the support of the State Bank of Poland and the National Development Fund. The goal of the operator’s foundation was to develop digitalization for business and government administration.
The deal with Microsoft will bring Poland the largest investment in the IT sector. It is part of the Digital Valley Poland project aimed at developing the technological component of the country. It brings together various companies, government institutions and universities under one platform. The project will last 7 years, and its important stage is the construction of a data centre designed for Microsoft data processing. Representatives of the corporation agree on the location of the facility, and it is planned that it will be located in or near Warsaw.
It is worth noting that the American IT giant is investing not only in the construction of the center. It also undertakes to train specialists who will work there: programmers, engineers and other employees. In addition, it will create all the necessary infrastructure for the facility.
For Poland, cooperation with Microsoft is a sign that the local market is promising and it is ready to invest heavily. The Corporation appreciated all the advantages of the country and its digital industry, and was not afraid to invest even during the global crisis.

Microsoft continues to invest in cloud services and data centers in Europe. In addition to Poland, the corporation plans to implement a large-scale project “Digital Restart” in Italy. Under this project, the first data center will be built in Milan, which will provide services to local companies, providing and supporting Microsoft products. In addition, it is possible to receive training in multiple programs from the corporation, which will allow them to acquire new skills in the field of digital technology and improve skills.
Microsoft also plans to expand its cooperation with the Milan Post Office and provide digital training services for small and medium-sized businesses. Another promising opportunity for professionals will be access to the hubs of artificial intelligence, which is developed by Microsoft.
According to the Italian government, cooperation with the U.S. corporation will be a powerful impetus for the development of technology in the country and will expand the opportunities for IT-technology in business. In addition, the investments made by the Internet giant will help support Italy’s economy and stabilize it in difficult times.