Kevin Systrom

How did Kevin Systrom create one of the most popular applications in the world?

Could you imagine a modern world without Instagram? I don’t think that’s possible right now. People with such intoxication “pour” photos, videos and photos into the social network, and the audience of the application grows more and more every day. Hundreds, thousands of new accounts from all over the world come to Instagram every day. The social network is actively used for blogging, studying, trading, celebrities keep in touch with fans through it. Today Instagram is used literally in every corner of the world – even in places where the ubiquitous Internet barely reaches. The theme of today’s article is the biography of billionaire Kevin Systrom, the man who created Instagram.

Kevin Systrom: Biography of a successful entrepreneur

Systrom was born on December 30, 1983 in the American city of Holliston, Massachusetts. Originally a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Now he is an entrepreneur, a programmer and a billionaire, it is natural that a network with the largest audience in the world could not help but gild its owner. He’s also the CEO of the social network.
But let’s go back to Kevin’s childhood and take a look at his life path. Kevin’s mother, Diana, worked as a marketer in the company “Zipcar”, and during the first bubble dotcom worked in “Monster and Swapit. The head of the family, Douglas, was president of human resources at TJX. Grandparents were extremely religious people and served at Hancock Church.
The technical genius Sistrom began to demonstrate the tricks of the genius as a child. An ordinary schoolboy wrote his own levels in his favorite game – chorror fighter of the time called Doom2 and joked at his friends in the popular at the time AOL messenger, creating programs that could control the mouse cursor on their computer and break the connection to the network. While Kevin was in high school, he didn’t spend time doing his homework. He chose to work at a Boston Beat store in Boston. And he kept up with it.

The future billionaire graduated from school in 2002. The school was in his best interest – it was with an in-depth study of computer programming. In 2006, Systrom entered Stanford University with a degree in management. In his third year he went to Florence to learn how to take photographs.
Around the same time, Systrom’s first startup came in. He and 12 other students were chosen to participate in the Stanford Mayfield Fellowship Program, a friendly program. As a result, the young programmer was able to complete an internship at Odeo, where he learned how to develop effective applications. The future creator of a social network Twitter Jack Dorsey was also trained with him.
When Kevin graduated from university, he worked in Google marketing service, then moved to Nextstep.
The year 2010 was a turning point. That’s when Kevin’s first brainchild, Instagram, appeared on the AppStore. Systrom created it in collaboration with Mike Krieger, and the basis was his failed previous project called Burbn.
And last year Kevin and Mike Krieger broke the hearts of everyone who followed the developments in the Instagram social network company – they announced their departure.