trader Joe DiNapoli

How Joe DiNapoli came to succeed

Joe DiNapoli is a significant figure in the field of trading, he is considered one of the most successful market players of our time. He developed his unique strategy, which brought millions of dollars to its author.
Joe DiNapoli was born in 1947. He grew up as an ordinary child in a middle-class family and showed little interest in the financial market or entrepreneurship. In 1967, Joe graduated from college and took a job at a financial services company. Because of his professional activities, the young man began to understand the nuances of building an economy and later became interested in the stock market.
After a while, DiNapoli realized that his knowledge was not enough to better understand the processes. He went to university, and upon graduation of which he received a bachelor’s degree in economics. After mastering his new knowledge, Joe decided to apply it to the stock market, but trading there was no success, and the young man turned his attention to futures.
By the time Joe started making trades, he was already 38 years old. He chose the S&P 500 as his key index, and it was the right decision. Quite quickly futures trading began to bring profit and success in the chosen field.

Joe DiNapoliAt the same time, DiNapoli tried to improve his indicators in every way, improving not only his strategy but also his instruments. Thus, in 1983 he decided to create software for the exchange market, and for this purpose, he founded a small firm for software development. Gradually, Joe grew in fame and authority in financial circles, and in 1986 he began to teach trading to all comers. DiNapoli actively engaged in teaching but also developed his own firm, which produced the CIS software.
In the 90s Joe published several books on trading, and a small software business grew into Coast Investment Software with offices in New York and Chicago. In addition, it includes an educational direction and research activities.
Joe himself, in spite of his impressive age, continues to be actively engaged in trading. He tries new directions for himself, applies various indices, and never stops learning.
In one of his books, DiNapoli talks about a stock exchange strategy based on the theory of Fibonacci numbers for currency trading. This work became one of the most famous manuals for beginning traders. Joe has clearly explained the main features of the market and showed that this area can be not only profitable but also interesting to learn.