Infobip: history of the foundation of the business communication platform

Infobip communication platform, which provides services for business, announced the acquisition of OpenMarket. The latter is a subsidiary of Amdocs in the United States. The amount of the deal was 300 million dollars.
Infobip offers its clients a convenient tool for interaction between business and end user. Thanks to the platform, it is possible to effectively manage multiple mailings in different communication channels. One of the key services of the system is SMS notifications with database verification. Messages can be sent to numbers from over 50 countries. In addition, there is a push notifications function for mobile applications based on Android and iOS, and much more.
Infobip is ideal for creating chat bots, automation of processes in contact centers. The system analyzes user behavior, and already on the basis of the received data corrects the operations.
The acquisition of OpenMarket, opens new opportunities, as an American developer is engaged in the creation of B2B solutions in the sphere of mobile messages. Combining the efforts of two companies will allow to strengthen Infobip’s position in the market and also to present new products for clients. Recently the platform has expanded its communication channels by adding the Apple Business Chat. Now clients from 200 countries can interact in the system, and the program handles more than 15 billion messages every month.

The history of Infobip began in 2002, when several developers from Croatia decided to create a product, which will improve communication between sellers and consumers from their hometown. For this purpose, the authors of the startup used such communication means as e-mail, messengers and SMS. As a result, a portal was created where the local population could communicate with various companies, municipal institutions, schools and sports teams. He presented a prototype of a social network for the city, which was created on the basis of CMS, where participants could share information with each other. SMS was the optimal solution at that time. This portal was being improved, modified and by 2006 grew into Infobip. The authors of the startup started to cooperate with mobile operators, offering traffic filtering services, and later other B2B products appeared.
In 2009 the company presented a platform based on A2P SMSC technology, which made it possible to enter the international market. In 2016, voice messages and messengers were added to Infobip’s product line, which began to appear actively.