Former CEO

Former CEO of Kyivstar Petro Chernyshov bought shares of Kodisoft

Petro Chernyshov, former CEO of the Kyivstar mobile network, followed by many businessmen, decided to invest in the IT sphere. He acquired a 2% stake in the Ukrainian company Kodisoft, which creates software to meet the needs of business. Chernyshov managed to buy the assets at a profitable value, as the last time the startup was evaluated was two years ago. At that time Kodisoft was worth $50 million.
The former CEO of the mobile network Kyivstar has not just bought a share of stocks, he is an active partner of the company and takes part in negotiating business solutions. Peter holds a special position in Kodisoft – executive board member.
The condition of the purchase was a small discount on market value and the opportunity to increase the number of securities when the available ones reach the level of KPI, which was agreed in advance.
Besides Chernyshov, Kodisoft investors are two other companies – Canadian Temerty Foundation and Horizon Capital. They acquired a stake 2.5 years ago. At the same time, 95% of the assets belong to the founder of the startup – Dmytro Kostyuk.
Kodisoft recently adopted a new development strategy to expand its business. In order to implement the planned plans, the investment of $12 million is needed. They will be used to increase production, a number of products, first of all “smart tables”.
Now clients of the Ukrainian startup are many domestic and foreign companies, including Internet giants Microsoft, Intel and others that are on the Fortune 500 list.
Dmytro Kostyuk’s active actions are aimed at finding new partners, and Petro Chernyshov helps in this. The primary goal of the businessman is to carry out an IPO, for which the company should have assets of $2.5 million.
Petro Chernyshov is one of the three best managers in the country, and he has many successful projects on his account. He held the position of CEO of Carlsberg Ukraine brewery company, after that he was the president of Kyivstar mobile operator. In 2018 Chernyshov left his post and continued his career as a member of the Supervisory Board of VoxUkraine analytical platform and Farmak pharmaceutical corporation.

Buying Kodisoft shares is not a businessman’s first investment. Last year he invested in the Revizion service, which collects feedback about certain goods, services and companies. The platform allows you to leave a customer feedback about the company or institution through QR codes or an application. The share of Chernyshov was 15%.
Interactive tables from Kodisoft is a unique development that allows to automate a huge number of operations, from ordering food in a restaurant to developing a project for the construction of the building. All processes are synchronized with the main system or phone, the table allows you to make contactless payments, order goods and products, and contact subscribers.