Why events in metaverses are popular

Which events in the metaverses are at the peak of popularity

Metaverses have been talked about for years, but they are gradually transforming from something fantastic and obscure into multifunctional platforms with great potential. The first step towards this last year was a music festival with 80 singers, which was held in the virtual world and gathered 40 thousand spectators. Since then, large-scale events in metaverses have been gaining in popularity, and many famous companies and singers want to be represented there.
In the spring of this year, a fashion week took place in the virtual space, which was attended by such fashion giants as Dolce&Gabbana and Estée Lauder. It also hosted a fight between boxers Habib and Holloway and many concerts. Famous brands actively rushed into the new world, including Samsung, which held a presentation of a new smartphone in the metaverse.

events in metaversesVarious events in the metaverse have become a new trend that not only global giants want to be involved in, but also small companies. Weddings and parties are gaining in popularity, and it’s all happening in virtual space. Against the backdrop of the growing demand for such services, the need for companies that will organize events in metaverses is increasing.
There are a number of representatives of this business on the market right now, and they are sharing their experiences. According to one company, quite often their clients use the virtual world from Microsoft Corporation, which is called AltspaceVR. Various business conferences are held here, mostly by those companies, whose activities may offer some kind of solutions for the development of metaverses. For example, representatives of the VR/AR sphere, 3D designers, and developers present their products. In addition, startups also like to make themselves known through a new space, which is now at the peak of popularity.
Despite the huge number of serious events, we should not forget that the metaverse is primarily a space to take a break from reality. Virtual reality is great for organizing team-building events, holidays, and corporate events. Here you can find yourself in any place in the world or create your own unique universe. Such leisure can be perfectly complemented by a variety of quests, and game mechanics for entertainment.
Art exhibitions are also held in metaverses, where artists display their installations, creating a special atmosphere that cannot be displayed in the real world.
In fact, virtual space is universal, you can implement any idea with VR at your fingertips, and plunge into it. No wonder more and more companies want to provide their services in the metaverse, from exclusive fashion collections to technological solutions.