Dream Games

Dream Games company increased its capitalization to $1 billion

Dream Games, a company that develops computer games, held another round of investment. As a result, it attracted a record $155 million, which raised its capitalization to $1 billion.
It is interesting that the Turkish developer has achieved such success, having released only one game. Dream Games specializes in casual match-3 games for mobile devices or the so-called “puzzles”. The company has managed to interest investors in its Royal Match project, which is the only one that is extremely profitable. It brings in more than $10 million per month.
The developer plans to use the funds raised to create new products and promote their existing ones. Interestingly, the management of Dream Games is not worried about the fact that the company’s success depends on the popularity of a single game. They believe that it is more important to create high-quality projects that will be relevant and in demand among users than to work on the quantity. In this case, representatives of the company noted that they have serious plans for development, and future products will be even more successful than the current one.

Dream Games teamBefore opening this company, its founders organized a studio called Peak Games, which released two successful games. After a while, the firm was sold for $1.8 billion.
Dream Games launched in 2019, and has already received $50 million in investments in the A round. And at that time, the developer did not release its product to the market. The investors were Index Ventures and Balderton Capital.
The main reason to believe in the budding startup and invest a large sum of money in it was the personality of Dream’s co-founder Soner Idemir. He directly developed products at Peak Games – two successful games Toy Blast and Toon Blast. In addition, his talented colleagues joined the new company. The test launch of Royal Match took place at the same time and showed good results.
The mobile games segment has been in high demand for a long time. Pandemic has also played its part, and 2020 has brought record revenues to companies. Competition between developers, who are trying to capture a larger audience of users, is also increasing. The leader in terms of sales was the studio Timi, which belongs to the Chinese corporation Tencent. Its revenue amounted to 10 billion dollars.
At the beginning of 2021 Tencent published financial statements. According to it, revenue from online game sales was at the level of almost 24 billion dollars. The aim of the Chinese company is to enter a new segment, which presents AAA-class games, offered by global giants Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and others.