Digital Future fund

Online therapy platform Calmerry – a new project of the Digital Future foundation

The Digital Future venture fund, owned by Alexey Vitchenko, invested $5 million in the Calmerry platform. It provides therapy services via the Internet. This project is also owned by the businessman, and Vitchenko plans to develop his new product, assessing its importance and relevance for the modern times.
The money will be used to expand the functionality of the platform and attract a large number of users. In addition, Calmerry wants to increase the set of available therapy tools and expand its staff of licensed mental health professionals.
Calmerry is already in the market for therapeutic services and plans to set new standards in this segment in the future. The platform was launched in 2020, and within a year has seen excellent results in terms of user numbers. During testing, the service has undergone a number of updates and functionality improvements, which have improved its quality and usability. In addition, the staff of therapists assisting users has expanded significantly. The success of the project is evidenced by the number of feedback from satisfied customers who were able to find the right specialist and improve their mental health. 

Digital Future invested in Calmerry

As for Alexey Vitchenko, for him Calmerry represents the first investment in the telemedicine sector. According to the entrepreneur, he was forced to take this step by the pandemic and the observation of how it has affected people’s mentality. At the same time, the need for psychological help has increased, and under the conditions of quarantine and risk of getting sick it has moved to telemedicine instead of physical trips to the clinic and personal meetings with specialists. Today’s realities serve as an excellent stimulus for the development of the online therapy market.
In addition, Vitchenko hopes that his experience in creating multifunctional marketplaces will be useful for the development of the Calmerry platform. The main goal of the product is to make psychotherapy as accessible as possible to different categories of people.
Another innovation that will soon be launched in the service is the opportunity to take a training course, which will clarify a number of important points for understanding your inner self and better socialization. Calmerry also provides detailed instructions for the comfortable adaptation of new users.
Digital Future Fund was established in 2014 and is the leader in the venture capital market in Ukraine. It is focused on the development of technological startups and fast-growing companies that have just started their activities or are in their early stages. When selecting a project, the fund pays attention to the ambitious plans of the business, as well as the possibility of scaling up to large markets, such as the U.S. or Europe.