History of DeckRobot presentation software creation

DeckRobot startup from San Francisco received funding of $1.5 million. Among the investors are Matrix Capital, a former strategy director of Microsoft Corporation, and one of the founders of Dendy console. Taking into account the amount received from the previous round, the total amount of the startup funds was $2.5 million.
DeckRobot is developing technology for creating slides in the PowerPoint program. A special add-on allows formatting a presentation in just one click, so the user can save from 15 to 60 minutes on editing each slide. The program from DeckRobot allows you to make individual settings to create presentations in one corporate style, making everything into a high-quality brandbook.
The founder of the startup is Anton Urbanas or Tony Urban, a native of Russia. He worked for a long time as a consultant at McKinsey and invented a special technology for the PowerPoint program based on artificial intelligence. This technology allows you to edit slides as quickly as possible. Using the program is quite simple – the user uploads samples of previously created slides in any of the formats to the database. Further, the AI technology itself processes images and when you click the format button, you get a presentation in a certain style.
DeckRobot company was founded in 2017, the general director is Tony Urban, later Alexey Potapov joined the team and worked on Facebook and Viber. The main office of the startup is located in San Francisco, the majority of developers – in Kiev, as well as in Manila.

Initially, the startup expected to receive about $30,000 for development, but after some time of searching a venture investor believed in the idea and organized a round of financing.
It should be noted that the technology from DeckRobot is also valuable because it is integrated within PowerPoint, work with whose code is quite difficult for external developers. However, due to multiple changes in functionality, the startup managed to achieve maximum product functionality and compatibility with PowerPoint.
DeckRobot plans to invest in the product to expand its capabilities, as well as increase the number of developers. In addition, the company has a good chance to enter new markets while it works for the United States and Europe.
The startup is focused on large consulting and auditing companies, and among its clients there are also banks and telecommunications corporations. DeckRobot is not yet present in the B2C market, which is due to the cost of the product and the terms of cooperation – the minimum order is 200 licenses. For private users, the company offers free versions of the product with limited functionality.