Developing your own CRM or an off-the-shelf solution: an overview of options

CRM is a system for working with clients, which greatly simplifies the interaction between all parties. Thanks to this software, you can automate processes, improve control over the execution of tasks, and facilitate communication not only with customers but also between company departments. CRM is a useful and necessary tool for business. The market offers ready-made solutions that can be adapted to the company’s needs. However, it is also possible to develop your own program.
Companies offer the use of ready-made CRM in the form of subscriptions, their cost ranges from 20 dollars to 7 thousand dollars per month. Despite the broad functionality of these solutions, they lose out to programs that are created specifically for a particular company and its needs. The main advantage of this option is the ability to develop a system for specific tasks, without redundant functions. Thus you can significantly improve the efficiency of work, and simplify processes for employees.
Of course, the development of their own CRM is more expensive than using an off-the-shelf solution, but this investment quite quickly pays off and subsequently brings benefits.

What is CRM

The custom system implies:
– functionality that will perfectly fit the needs of the business;
– the program will run on the company’s own servers, which will allow you to influence their work independently;
– the system can be supplemented with the set of tools for analytics and reporting, which are needed for specific tasks, and not to overload the service with unnecessary solutions;
– the ability to add any number of participants;
– user-friendly interface;
– high level of data security and protection.
CRM is useful for both large companies and small businesses. The cost of developing a system depends on a number of factors, but the main one is functionality. A complex solution requires more time to create, often involving more staff. In addition, the price is influenced by the complexity of the tasks.
On average, in order to develop the system, you need to involve 2-3 programmers, a designer, and a tester. This process must involve managers who will coordinate the process, communicate with the client. The timing of CRM depends on the complexity of the task, on average it will take 3-4 months.
The cost of different developers may vary, in this case, it is important to carefully select the executor. You should understand that a company with experience and a staff of qualified employees will offer their services at a higher price than a small firm. However, the desire to save money may turn out to be a failure. In general, you should focus on the amount of about 10 thousand dollars, separately will take into account the cost of implementing the system. In addition, the developer should provide technical support and maintenance after the creation and implementation.