Charles Manger

Charles Manger is a man of outstanding personality in the financial world and business partner of Warren Buffet. The billionaire is an active lawyer, a brilliant investor and has a degree in physics. Manger has an outstanding mind and an original vision of the world that has brought him wealth and success.

Charles Manger: life rules for success

The fortune of the businessman is estimated at $1.3 billion, and it all started with a part-time job at a grocery store and earning $2 per day.
During the Second World War, Mangen served in Alaska, where he was a military meteorologist.
The path of Charles’ professional life was thorny and full of unexpected twists. In some cases, fate was the right way, in others – the millionaire achieved the goal by his own labor. But despite his condition, recognition and high status, Mangen did not lose a sense of humor and a kind of attitude towards life.
He told several of his rules to Harvard students in 1986. At that time Charles was already a stock trader with huge capital.
The investor called his lecture “How to secure an unhappy life”.
The first thing Mangen told the students was to deny themselves alcohol and drugs. He told the story of his friends, who are smart and educated, but because of their addiction to alcohol, they have already died, and two more are living their lives in drunken ravings. Drugs and alcohol are not the best way to achieve goals.
According to the investor, jealousy destroys the soul. It is an insidious feeling that spoils life. But in some cases, it can be directed in the right direction, complemented by other tools to achieve the desired goal.

Offence. Mangen gave students an example about this feeling with Benjamin Disraeli, who was an outstanding British Prime Minister. This man wrote down on a piece of paper the names of people who hurt him and needed revenge, and put the paper in a desk drawer. After a certain time, Disraeli took out the records and checked how the enemy’s life was going. If this person’s circumstances did not go well, the Prime Minister was doubly happy that fate had punished the offender, but without his participation.
One shouldn’t despair, even if it was not the first time the failure came. Whatever life prepares you – it is not an excuse to give up and retreat from the intended plan.
According to Charles Manger, being a reliable person is extremely important. Even if you lack the level of competence, education or skills, all this can be overlaid with diligence, ability to keep your word and organization.
Evaluating and analyzing not only your own, but also other people’s mistakes is an excellent quality that helps in life. Do not forget about the experience of past generations – let their failures help to avoid the same problems.