California-based company

California-based MeliBio plans to enter new markets

The California-based company MeliBio has received $850,000 to develop its unique product. The startup produces honey that does not involve bees.
MeliBio was founded in 2020 by scientists Aaron Schaller and Darko Mandich. They have developed innovative technology that makes it possible to create synthetic honey that tastes no different from what bees produce.
According to data from last year, the global honey industry is valued at $9 billion. However, for a long time it has had a serious problem – the extinction of bees. The reason for the decline in insect populations is the environmental situation – the use of large amounts of pesticides and plant fertilizers. In addition, the large-scale production of honey also has a negative impact on bees; not only the population of wild, but also domestic species is declining. The company MeliBio wants to solve the problem of making honey without harming insects.
The startup’s technology is based on the use of compounds that are already present in natural honey. Thanks to a synthetic method, they are reproduced in the new product, and it even retains the smell of real honey.
According to some experts, MeliBio’s approach resembles the technology of Perfect Day Foods, which uses molecular biology principles to produce dairy products.

The startup will use the funds received during the investment to scale up its business and increase the supply of products. MeliBio sees catering establishments as the main consumers of artificial honey. The company has already sent a batch of the product to customers, and it plans to enter the market of other countries in the near future. During the first half of 2022 production will be significantly expanded so that the company can enter the commercial production of honey.
The product was tested through a blind test in which participants could not distinguish the taste of natural honey from synthetic honey. MeliBio’s development has the texture and color of a product that bees create.
Artificial honey makes a big difference for vegans. It allows you to consume your favorite treat, knowing that no living creatures were harmed in its production. This is extremely relevant given how quickly the number of people around the world who do not eat animal products is increasing. The market for vegan products is projected to grow to $31 billion by 2026, making the niche quite promising.
In addition, MeliBio technology makes it possible to produce various skin care or hygiene products where one of the components is honey. It can be added to sweets and eaten by people with allergies.