British Real Estate

British real estate is still in demand among investors

British real estate, despite the pandemic and its consequences, remains a reliable asset. Even during the crisis, investors did not stop investing in the local market, realizing that soon the situation will stabilize and the objects will start to generate income. Large British cities, first of all London, which is an important business center of Europe, are especially attractive for businessmen. It is followed by Leeds and Birmingham. They are always interesting for developers from many countries.
It is worth noting that the capital of the kingdom has always been interesting for foreign investors, but over the past few years, the popularity of the real estate market of Birmingham is increasing. It is actively developing, economic indicators are steadily going up.
The objects of Great Britain are characterized by high cost with almost 100% liquidity. Houses and office premises in Birmingham are not an exception. Buying them, you can expect an increase in their price in a few years. Finding someone willing to buy real estate is not a problem. The city itself is located in West Midlands County, the population of which is about 1 million people, not counting the visitors. Birmingham is an industrial center not only for the region, but for the kingdom as a whole. The city has factories producing cars, machinery, industrial enterprises and food factories. Therefore, real estate is in great demand here.

Birmingham is also home to a large number of emigrants, due to which the demand for housing is constantly growing. Visitors account for about 25% of real estate transactions in the city. Therefore, investing in housing for rent is a profitable option to obtain a consistently high income. In the central districts of Birmingham the price of apartments reaches the level of 900 thousand pounds. Rental of objects, which belong to the average category can earn about 19.5 thousand pounds per year. Luxury apartments are rented for 2.8 thousand pounds per month.
Popular in Birmingham is the purchase of real estate under construction. From the moment the foundation is laid to commissioning the cost rises by 50% in some cases. Therefore, this investment option is profitable.
The London real estate market is also developing steadily, despite the fact that last year analysts predicted a decline in demand. However, neither local nor foreign investors have changed their plans regarding the capital objects. Housing and commercial premises of the metropolis are in demand, which affects their value. The real estate market quickly recovered from the pandemic and sales volumes reached pre-crisis levels in just a few months. Price lists for housing in the capital began to grow in July last year, and the dynamics are still present today.