Alfred Club

The investor of Alfred Club service is Adam Newman, former head of WeWork

Startup Alfred Club received funding at a recent round. The investor was Adam Newman, who served as the head of WeWork. He invested $30 million.
Alfred Club is a service that will help residents of apartments to solve various problems. Thanks to him, you can find a person who will walk the dog, use the services of the concierge, to carry out payment transactions. In addition to the investment bureau of Newman, in Alfred Club company Spark Capital has invested 42 million dollars, the project was also funded by a number of developers and investment funds. Since its inception in 2014, the startup has received a total of about $100 million.
The co-founder of the service stated that the company does not just provide various services for owners and tenants of apartments in residential complexes. The startup helps to create a unique community of people, which will unite them and facilitate joint events and meetings.
It should be noted that Newman’s cooperation with Alfred Club is the first experience of an entrepreneur in the sphere of housing. While working for WeWork in 2016, he supervised a project to develop coliving rooms, which had all the necessary elements for comfortable living and establishing social ties between tenants. This direction was called WeLive and planned to open about 69 such objects in different cities of the world. However, the project has not managed to deserve wide spread and popularity, so apart from Washington and New York, coliving by WeWork is not represented anywhere. Newman himself resigned as the head of the company in 2019 due to disagreements with the main investor – SoftBank.

Alfred application is a convenient service for resident’s communications with the management company. The software is integrated with other programs, which allows the owner of a residential complex to control the affairs of several of its facilities in a single system. The startup is represented in more than 20 cities and is actively developing.
The history of Alfred Club began with two former employees of the company McKinsey, which provides consulting services. Marcela Saponet and Jess Beck developed an application, which simplifies the solution of household issues related to rented housing. However, after their neighbors learned about the program, they started asking for its version for themselves. So the young people decided to develop the idea for commercial purposes.
In 2014, the project won first place in the competition of new venture startups from Harvard Business School, which allowed a large number of people to learn about the benefits of Alfred. The first major investment of 2 million startups was made in the same year.